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A Carer's Guide To Schizophrenia    
Fugitive Minds On Madness, Sleep and Other Twilight Afflictions Antonio Melechi 0-09-943627-2
If Your Adolescent Has Schizophrenia Raquel E. Gur 0-19-518212-X
Moving On - A Guide to Good Health and Recovery for People with a Diagnosis of Schizophrenia Roz D'Ombraine Hewitt isbn-10: 1-85575-442-8
isbn-13: 978-1-85575-442-3
Recovery from the Hell of Schizophrenia Carlene Hope 1-4116-2706
Schizophrenia: A Mother's Story (2 copies, Copy 1 - Sunlight, Copy 2 - New Directions) Georgina Wakefield 1-9038770-3-2
Schizophrenia Explained Siegfried Kasper 1860360238
Schizophrenia Through the Maze and Fighting Back A Book for Carers Georgina Wakefield with D C LeFerve 190387728-8
Schizophrenia Second Edition The Facts Ming T. Tsung, Stephen V. Faraone 0192627600
Shelia's Book A Shared Journey Through "Madness" Sheila Harvey 0-9544475-0-6
Surviving Schizophrenia Fourth Edition E. Fuller Torrey, M.D. 0-06-095919-3
The Divided Self (Copy 1- Sunlight, Copy 2 - Loaned to New Directions) R.D.Laing 0-14-013537-5
The Quiet Room Lori Schiller and Amanda Bennett 0-446-67133-9
Voices Of Reason, Voices Of Insanity    




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