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Caring and coping A Rethink guide for people new to caring for someone with severe mental illness Rethink None
guide for carers A guide for those who care for people with mental health problems The London Mental Health Carers' Charter None
in Schizophrenia section: Support and Guidance for Everyone Affected by Schizophrenia Discover the Road Ahead Various 0-9547952-0-2
Living with Mental Illness A Book for Relatives and Friends (Copy 1 - Sunlight, Copy 2 - loaned to New Directions) Elizabeth Kuipers and Paul Bebbington 0-285-63741-X
Mental Illness A Handbook for Carers
The Little Book of Positive Thoughts for Carers (Copy 1 and Copy 2 - Sunlight) Brenda Munitich 978-1-84923-425-2
The Selfish Pig's Guide to Caring Hugh Marriott 978-0-7515-3709-3
Who cares?  Information and Support for the Carers of Confused People (Copy 1 and 3) NHS None




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