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Building Confidence




365 steps to self confidence A Programme For Personal Transformation - In Just A Few Minutes A Day David Lawrence Preston 1-85703-990-4
Assert Yourself A & C Black 978-1-4081-1197-0
BE An Optimist A. C. Ping 0-14-300180-9
Being Happy! A Handbook To Greater Confidence & Security Andrew Matthews 981-00-0664-0
Don't Let Anybody Steal Your Dream Dexter R. Yager SR. 0-88270-406-0
Feeling Good The New Mood Therapy The Clinically Proven Drug-free Treatment for Depression David D. Burns, M.D. 0380810336
Giant Steps Small Changes to Make a Big Difference Anthony Robbins 0-7434-0936-1
How to deal with difficult people Ursula Markham 0-7225-2764-0
How to Mind Map The ultimate thinking tool that will change your life Tony Buzan 0007146841
I could do anything If Only I Knew What It Was Barbara Sher 0-7336-1114-1
Instant Confidence The Power To Go For Anything You Want! Paul McKenna 0-593-05535-7
It's Your Life.  What Are You Going To Do With It? coach yourself make real changes in your life         (Copy 1 - Sunlight, Copy 2 - loaned to New Directions) Anthony Grant PhD and Jane Greene N/A
Learn To Be an Optimist visualize your way to success find lifelong confidence and happiness discover self-belief Lucy MacDonald 1-84483-003-9
Manage your Mind The Mental Fitness Guide   (Copy 2 - Sunlight, Copy 1 - loaned to New Directions) Gillian Butler and Tony Hope 0-19-262383-4
Mind Over Mood Change How You Feel by Changing the Way You Think      (Copy 1 - Sunlight, Copy 2 - loaned to New Directions) Dennis Greenberger, PhD Christine A. Padesky, PhD 0-89862-128-3
Natural Highs Patrick Holford & Dr Hyla Cass 0-7499-2254-0
Overcoming Low Self-Esteem A self-help guide using Cognitive Behavioural Techniques (Copy 1 - Sunlight, Copy 2 - loaned to New Directions) Melanie Fennell 1-85487-725-9
Self Esteem Developing Self Worth Healing Emotional Wounds Gael Lindenfield 0-7725-3017-X
Self Help for your Nerves    
The Feeling Good Handbook    
The Fred Factor Mark Sanborn 1-844-13816X
The Power of Positive Thinking Norman Vincent Peale 0-7493-0715-3
You Can Heal Your Life (Copy 1 - Sunlight, Copy 2 - loaned to New Directions) Louise L. Hay 0-937611-01-8
Your Perfect Right, A Guide to Assertive Living Robert Alberti, Michael Emmons 0-915166-12-7




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